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Oil and Gas News
Four-way fight shaping up for $4 billion contract at one of world’s largest gas fields
Oil and Gas News
Saudi Arabia's Production Cut Pledge Boosts Oil Prices
Oil and Gas News
Shell Joins Energy Island Bid for North Sea (6).png
Energy News
A Major Problem with Fusion is Solved Leading us Closer to a Perpetual Energy Source
Wind Industry News
Seabed Power Grid to Link North Sea Wind Turbines
Oil and Gas News
Shell Reports Huge First Quarter Profit of Nearly £1.4 Billion More than Expected (5).png
Oil and Gas News
Oil Workers Taken Off North Sea Platform After Incident
Oil and Gas News
Putin Says Russia Will See Higher Oil and Gas Revenues in Coming Months
Oil and Gas News
North Sea Platforms to be Brought to a Standstill as 1300 Offshore Workers Strike
Solar Energy News
UK to Have Cheapest Electricity in Europe as Government Reveals New Renewable Energy Plan